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Riverdale Mills Corporation was established in 1980 by a team of industry specialists and engineers whose goal was to manufacture a more weather and corrosion resistant welded wire mesh product that could withstand the harshest conditions. Located in Northbridge Massachusetts, our manufacturing plant is a completely renovated mill building dating back to the 1840's. This 350,000 square foot facility includes extensive, state of the art equipment including: computer controlled welders and drawing machines. The equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure precision manufacturing, which reinforces Riverdale's commitment to supply a superior welded wire mesh product.
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Riverdale Mills has set the industry standard for galvanized/PVC coated wire mesh. Riverdale's proprietary manufacturing processes, combined with a total dedication to uncompromising quality and service, has made Riverdale a worldwide leader in the industry.
When you purchase Riverdale welded wire mesh, you can trust that you're getting the highest quality product available.
Riverdale's Aquamesh®, Marine Mesh™ and Marinemesh™ are the world's first choice for lobster and crab trap construction. Aquamesh is designed and manufactured to withstand the abuses of the harshest environment on earth, delivering dependable performance and better yields, year after year.
We use only high quality steel in Aquamesh for strength and durability and our rigorous testing ensures long life and consistent performance in every trap. Riverdale offers a wide variety of materials, standard mesh sizes, configurations and wire gauges.
You can choose from square, hexagonal or rectangular mesh patterns, galvanized or PVC coated, half inch to two inch openings. We also design custom configurations to meet every customer's unique needs.
Welding: Utilizing state of the art computer controlled welding equipment to guarantee consistent quality, Riverdale delivers a perfectly welded mesh every time. Our wire spacing capabilities are infinitely adjustable and our advanced welders allow us to respond quicker to customer requirements and deliver quality welded wire mesh when our customers need it.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Manufaturing Process Riverdale Mills Corporation Manufaturing Process
Riverdale Mill's state of the art CNC Welders
Galvanizing: Riverdale wire mesh is manufactured using an incomparable galvanized after welding (GAW) process that eliminates weak points in the galvanized coating and creates a stronger weld. Using a 99.6 % pure zinc galvanizing process, the weld is completely protected from the abusive environment.
Coating: By combining durable PVC with a breakthrough coating process, Riverdale Wire mesh delivers a protective PVC layer that can handle rough treatment without stripping or peeling. This advanced coating is fusion bonded to create longer lasting wire mesh with better protection. The result is longer life and better protection for your traps and cages.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Manufaturing Process Riverdale Mills Corporation Manufaturing Process
Galvanizing PVC Coating
Riverdale welded wire mesh is commonly used for:
• Machine Guards • Greenhouse Bench Tops
• Shelving • Playground Fencing
• Pool Fencing • Filtration Systems
• Baby/Pet Gates • Deer Fencing
• Concrete Reinforcement • Various Animal Enclosures
Riverdale's Customer Service/Sales team is accustomed to working with all types of requests, from trap builders to zookeepers, construction crews to poultry farmers and fence installers, it will be our pleasure to assist you in selecting a mesh size/gauge for your application. Please Contact Us, and let Riverdale Mills be your preferred supplier of Quality Welded Wire.
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