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Riverdale Mills Corporation - Marine Products: Aquamesh®, Marine Mesh™ and Marinemesh™

Riverdale Mills Aquamesh® is the only wire fabric in the world specifically designed and perfected for marine use. By using only Riverdale Aquamesh, the quality of traps consistently exceeds expectations. In the rugged coastline of the North Atlantic, lobstermen report that traps made of Aquamesh® products provide an average of between 8 to 15 years of use--with some lasting much longer. Delivering superior strength and durability, Riverdale's Aquamesh® and Marinemesh™ becomes a natural first choice for ocean use--an environment extremely rough on materials and equipment.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Lobster Trap
Riverdale's Aquamesh®, Marine Mesh™ and Marinemesh™ trap wires are the standard of choice for use in commercial lobster traps today. Aquamesh's Galvanized After Welding (GAW) construction offers the industry's best durability in the most relentless conditions. Aquamesh® are sold in rolls and in pre-cut panels for lobster trap kits.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Crab Trap
Riverdales's hexagonal wire and square welded wire mesh is the perfect solution for commercial crab traps in a wide range of ocean environments. Strong, yet manageable, traps made from Riverdale's crab pot wire are the industry's leading choice for commercial crab fishing.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Stacked Oyster Trays
Riverdale's uniquely engineered product offers the best combination of protection and functionality for aquaculture. Riverdale Wire Mesh is ideal for oyster and shellfish trays and cages, salmon pens and fish farms. Rigid yet flexible, this lightweight material can easily be formed into cages of many configurations. In addition to its winning combination of strength, superior workability and longevity, Riverdale Wire Mesh is highly predator resistant, making it the most economical mesh for aquaculture farms.
Riverdale Mills Corporation Red Bait Fish Trap
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